7 Nov 2019 Advanced Course in Persuasive Presentation at District Council Meeting

Date of Course 

7 November 2019


The delegates will learn the skills how to apply the Art of War strategy to make four types of immediate responses at district council meeting. The rationality and sensibility aspects of the Present and Future will be discussed. The delegates will have several chances to practise in the role-play sessions.


Dr. Li Chan Wing李燦榮

Dr. Li was a commentator, veteran broadcaster at the daily 6:30 p.m. news. He studied communication and has worked in ATV news, Hong Kong Next Magazine 《壹週刊》. He was the chair , editor and producer of a well-known programme ” News Magazine”《新聞透視》of TVB.  He was specialised in health care, social welfare and labour issues while working in TVB.  Having worked for many years in television and radio channels, he has provided professional service in many famous programmes including《 i-talk有話直說》,《大鳴大放》,《視播縱橫》,《健康對談》and《晨光第一線》.

Dr. Li has taught in the Hong Kong Baptist University and the City University of Hong Kong. He graduated from the City University Hong Kong, EMBA programme and obtained a DBA.  With his extensive experience in the media, he has become a highly sought after media training consultant for the government departments, private corporations, public organisations, utilities companies and academia.

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