“Balancing Tree Retention and Public Risk (Tree Health, Inspection and Recommendation)

Date of the Course

Class A: 18, 19, 20 Jan (a.m.) 2016

Class B: 20 (p.m.), 21, 22 Jan 2016

This is a 2.5 day course with field inspection on the 3rd half day. The class size is 18.


Jack Kenyon is the winner of the Annual Award 1998 of the Arboricultural Association. He had worked many years at Merrist Wood College in the UK. He managed a Tree Surgery Course covering tree care and maintenance and Higher Education programmes for managers, tree officers and consultants, managing urban amenity trees.

Jack served on the Arboricultural Association Education and Training Committee, Arboriculture Safety Council (ASC), developing industry best practice and safety guidance and representative of Arboricultural Association on the Forestry and Arboriculture Safety and Training Council (FASTCo) working group called Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG), involved with research and development of industry practice, safe working practices through training and the production of safety guidance.

If you are interested in the course and want to obtain a registration form, please send an email to event@lns.com.hk

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