Expert Witness Training for Professionals Series by Former Deputy Magistrate Cherry Hui ( 23 and 25 Oct 2017)

Date of Course:
23 and 25 Oct 2017
Course Description:
The course is aimed at all professionals who may be required to attend and provide evidence at Court as an expert witness.  The training is designed to equip experts with the unique skills of testifying as an expert witness; enhance the quality of the expert’s report writing as well as build their knowledge and confidence to perform in court scenarios.
A competent expert witness requires an understanding of the expectations of the courts and the litigators.  When offering an opinion it is important to understand the limits within which the expert can accept a commission, how to prepare a report, what is expected when the issue is narrowed, and how to answer questions from the competing advocates at trial.
Key learning points
The expert’s role in the court proceedings
The rules of evidence as they apply to the expert’s opinion
Report writing and communication skills
Understanding the aims and methods of examination and cross-examination
Understand how the court system and rules operate
Know how to prepare an excellent report and give evidence effectively
Understand your duties and obligations to the courts.


Ms. Cherry Hui
Former Deputy Magistrate

Professional Experience
Cherry has been practicing in the legal professional for over 18 years. She has taught Company Law, Commercial Law, Land Law, Legal Issues in Nursing, Criminal Law and Trial Advocacy at different universities and institutions. She is a highly sought after speaker on different legal issues at events and as a speaker in criminal procedure. Cherry was appointed as a Deputy Special Magistrate in 2008 and became a Deputy Magistrate in 2011.  Cherry successfully handled thousands of court cases as a Deputy Judicial Officer until she finished that appointment in November 2014 and resumed her practice.
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