31 May 2018 Introduction to Railway Project (Railway Planning, Development and Lifecycle Costing Analysis on Railway Projects)

Date of Course 31 May 2018

Course Aim

This one-day course is designed to provide valuable training to engineers who are managing railways project. The course is also suitable for personnel working in a railway project wanting to have a high level understanding and appreciation of the subjects in order to enhance their knowledge in railway engineering. Junior engineers and experienced management personnel will benefit. 

Synopsis for the Training

This training consists of two major sections: Railway Planning and Development and Lifecycle Costing Analysis on Railway Projects. For the first section, the training will cover transport planning and development in a sustainable development framework. Using Hong Kong’s railway development for the past decades as case studies, the trainer will briefed the trainees on how railway expansion and evolution could be properly positioned in the City’s overall developmental context. Examining the historical and conceptual base of sustainable development, it would enable participants to gain some useful perspectives of the administrative and decision making process in the urban socio-economic-political context in which the railway system operates.While transport infrastructure is a large investment for any cities or states of any government, yet it is inevitable that a robust and efficient transport infrastructure will facilitate the on-going development and economic growth of that city or region. Any government or investor, in the case of Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement, related to the transport infrastructure needs to understand the total cost outlay in relation to the consolidated revenue for the construction and operation of that infrastructure. For the second section of the training, the trainer attempts to use railway project / operation as example to illustrate the concept of Lifecycle Costing Analysis which could assist the decision / policy makers to justify the investment that will go to this type of major projects.

Lecturer Ir Chang Che Son

Ir Chang CS is a professional railway system engineer with 30 years of international project experience. CS possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of multi-disciplinary and sophisticated railway systems as well as in the project management of mega size railway projects. Moreover, CS is instrumental in conducting critical reviews on train operation of mass transit railway and light rail with an aim to assess the ergonomic design and technical robustness for both new and existing railways. CS’s career in railway engineering has been diversified, leading to involvement in different areas of railway systems engineering and project development.

CS has abundant experience in the control system applications for railway operation and he has extensive experience in managing SCADA based control / management system works ranging from building management system (BMS) in stations, depots and control rooms to operational critical control on signalling, traction power and tunnel ventilation. He has proven experience in contract / project management covering the whole project lifecycle from tender formulation and evaluation, contractor management, testing & commissioning and system handover. His systematic approach on system interface management is one of the key attributes to the success of the implementation of such systems in the recent projects in Hong Kong and overseas.

CS has written and presented over 30 papers in various international conferences on system engineering, system interface management and system integration on SCADA system applications for railway and he was the Past Chairman of the Control, Automation and Instrumentation Division of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and Past Chairman of the Institution of Electrical Engineers Hong Kong Branch.



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