27 and 29 Jan 2021 Desalination with Reverse Osmosis: Practice and Case Studies

Dates of Course  27 and 29 January 2021

Course outline

Component A of the course focuses on the practical considerations of RO, including topics such as fouling and scaling considerations, pretreatment and post-treatment, maintenance, case studies, etc.

Component B of the course focuses on the case studies of RO desalination plant design and operation will be presented, and recent innovations for energy reduction and cost saving will be highlighted. The course is ideal for engineers and professionals who are working or are planning to working in the desalination industry.

About the Instructor

The course will be instructed by Dr. Chuyang Y. Tang. Dr. Tang is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. Before that, he served as the Deputy Director of the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre. Dr. Tang has more than a dozen years of experience on membrane technology and desalination. He is a recipient of the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme Fellow Award and the International Desalination Association (IDA) Fellow Award. Dr. Tang is a top 1% cited researcher in the field of membrane technology. More than 20 of his technical papers have been recognized as Top Cited Papers or Highly Cited Papers. Dr. Tang is the inventor of the Aquaporin Inside Membranes (AIMs (trademark)). He is highlighted as one of the “Desalters to Watch” by the World Desalination Report in 2015.

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