28 May and 4 June 2022 Occupational Safety and Health for Arboricultural Operations

Dates: 28 May and 4 June 2022

Objective: This course provides two-day training with assessment on occupational safety and health relating to tree work operation covering hazard identification, risk assessment, supervision,  chainsaw operation and safe use of aerial platform for tree cutting. More than half of the training time concentrates on practical training.

After completing the course, the trainees will be able to

  1. Learn the Potential hazards associate with operation of chain saw;
  2. Apply safety standards and understand the regulations for tree care operations based on proven international practices;
  1. Use safety equipment with safe techniques, carry out tree management work; and implement emergency responses procedures;
  1. Learn communication skills with its team member including escape route;
  2. Set up safety zone and its prevention of accident;
  3. Operate Chainsaw and learn the maintenance of chainsaw;
  4. Establish the practice and culture of occupational health and safety measures in tree work; and
  5. Learn the basic skills in first aid


Day One (a.m.)   Basic OSH relating to Arboriculture

Road Closure Application and Procedure

Aerial platform and pruning

Introduction of aerial platform and work plan

Day One (p.m.)   Aerial platform and pruning (practical

Using handsaw and pole pruner for tree pruning

Rigging technique for tree pruning with

chainsaw ( Demonstration only)

Climbing Equipment and Chipper safety

Day Two (a.m.)   Tree Climbing system, PPE and site inspection

with Demonstration and practice Emergency

planning and preparation

Day Two (p.m.)    Chainsaw inspection, operation and maintenance

Assessment- Two parts

Aerial Rescue & Summary


Format of Delivery: The course content is delivered in a highly interactive and practical format.

The trainees are provided with practical training in a mock-up real work environment in an outdoor environment.

Requirements: Participants are recommended to bring their own PPE.

Assessment Procedures

OSH theories and practical of operation of chainsaw [(a) 20 multiple choice questions and (b) Fault Diagnosis Skill Test]


For more information, please send an email to event@lns.com.hk


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