27 Jan 2023 Important Elements of Court Hearings of Summons Cases (II) By Ms. Cherry Hui Barrister-at-Law Former Deputy Magistrate

Date of Course: 27 Jan 2023

Course Description:

LNS’s legal courses have been specifically designed for prosecution advocates and will look at the entire trial process, from summons case management to sentencing, to enable you to take control at the outset or to regain control if things go awry.

After completion of LNS’s legal courses : (1) Pre-trial Hearings and Preliminaries To Trial of Summons Cases and (2) Important Elements of Court Hearings of Summons Cases (I) & (II), the participants should know, but not limited to the following.

  • Dealing with applications both pre-trial and during the trial process
  • Keys to taking statement.
  • How to write a brief fact?
  • When and How to complete an admitted fact?
  • How to deal with the evidence?
  • Who can be the witness of the case?
  • How to deal with reluctant witness and forgetful witness? – a step by step approach to dealing with difficult witnesses,
  • Problems with unused material
  • Cross examination of the defendant at trial
  • What to do when facing reverse plea?
  • How to respond when the scientific evidence are challenged by the defence with an expert witness?
  • Is your expert evidence admissible?
  • Defence attempts to include new issues/extend the time estimate on the day
  • How to deal with the case when the defence has no legal representative?
  • Sentencing
  • Dealing with adjournments – what does the case law say?
  • Case studies

This Course Important Elements of Court Hearings of Summons Cases (II) includes the following content.

  1. Mitigation;
  2. Sentencing;
  3. Costs;
  4. Review; and
  5. Appeal.


Ms. Cherry Hui


Former Deputy Magistrate

Professional Experience

Cherry has been practicing in the legal professional for over 19 years. She has taught Company Law, Commercial Law, Land Law, Legal Issues in Nursing, Criminal Law and Trial Advocacy at different universities and institutions. She is a highly sought after speaker on different legal issues at events and as a speaker in criminal procedure. Cherry was appointed as a Deputy Special Magistrate in 2008 and became a Deputy Magistrate in 2011.  Cherry successfully handled thousands of court cases as a Deputy Judicial Officer until she finished that appointment in November 2014 and resumed her practice.

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