Tree Hazard Assessment Course with Integrated Assessment

( British Accredited LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection Qualification )

Date: 29 Oct-31 Oct 2012 (FULL HOUSE)

Examination: 1st Nov 2012

Early bird deadline: 21st Sept 2012

Application deadline: 8th Oct 2012

This British government backed qualification in tree inspection is now recognised by the Hong Kong Government.

The qualification demonstrates proof of training specifically in tree risk assessment and inspection. The three-day course aims to provide specific tree inspection programme at an advanced level for competent arboriculturists to allow them to reach a level of competence acceptable as having received adequate training. Candidates are required to inspect trees and specify the necessary remedial works and record the inspection findings. At the end of the course candidates will undertake a competence based assessment directly related to tree inspection. The course is not aimed at covering report writing however, presentation of findings will be examined and advice given.

The maximum number of candidates for this course is 15.

Assessment Procedure

Duration: 3 hours

A written test consisting of 20 short answer questions covering aspects of tree inspection and tree inspector responsibilities. 40% of the overall mark.

Fungi identification test. 20% of the overall mark.

Two tree inspection. 40% of the overall mark.

Candidates require to gain 70% overall as a pass mark and must score 70% for each of the two trees inspected and not miss an obvious defect.

LANTRA AWARDS Certificate will be issued to people who have passed the examination.

Those not reaching the standard will receive a report indicating their strengths and weakness and what actions are suggested to then reach the standard in the future.

Pre-requisite requirement for the trainees

This is a popular and highly intensive course. It is a level 3/5 course in the UK. The trainees should be experienced and qualified arboriculturists. They should also have in-depth knowledge of plant and arboricultural science. The vast majority of the contents are applicable to the arboricultural field worldwide. The legal aspects and fungi section will be adapted to remain applicable to Hong Kong.

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