Wood-decay Fungi in Hong Kong and their Arboricultural Significance (with special Seminar on Brown Root Rot and Ganoderma Rot)

Date: 21-22 Feb 2013
This one and half day course is specially designed for landscape consultant, field officer, frontline tree risk assessor, tree management manager, facility manager, horticulturist, pest and disease management personnel. The course comprises one day lecture and half day site visit.
Trainer:  Alvin Tang
B.Sc. (Biology), M.Phil. (Plant & Microbial Ecology), Ph.D. (Mycology)
ISA Certified Arborist,
PNW ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor
Member of the International Society of Plant Pathology
Member of the American Phytopathological Society
Alvin Tang is a fungal Disease Specialist and Arborist of Muni Arborist Limited. He         received his PhD in Molecular Phylogenetics of Fungi from the University of Hong Kong in 2006 and has been studying the Ecology and Systematics of Fungi for 13 years. His research interests center on wood-decay fungi, especially Xylariaceae, Ganodermataceae and Hymenochaetaceae, and he has described some new fungal species in Hong Kong and Thailand. He has published articles in international journals, including Canadian Journal of Microbiology, Fungal Diversity, Oecologia, Mycological Research, Persoonia, and Anton van Leeuwenhoek, books, local magazines and newspapers.
Application Deadline: 1 Feb 2013.
You can request the programme and application form via event@lns.com.hk

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