28 Jan 2019 Construction Planning: Transfer of Birds and Animal Welfare

Date of Course

28 Jan 2019

Synopsis of the Course

This interesting training course will focus on the subject of safe handling, capture and transfer a range of bird species from aviaries and ponds. A series of presentations with practical examples and some practical exercises with the focus on the best practice, animal behavior, animal welfare and update of the newest European regulations on transportation of animals will also be included.

Who Should Attend?

Project designers, engineers, curator, zoo keepers, project managers, environmental site staff, consultants, advisors, persons involved in planning of a construction project and contractor who needs to transfer birds, paving the way for construction, from ponds and aviary to transition sites.


Simon Bruslund was graududated in Wildlife Management from Hanseberg College, Denmark. Simon has over 25 years work experience in birds and animal welfare. He began his career working as a Junior bird keeper rising to senior keeper, field leader, curator of birds to Zoological Director of Walsrode Birdpark. He was the Curator and Inspector for Heidelberg Zoo before taking up the position as the part-time curator for Heidelbery Zoo and the advisor for the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology. On Project Madagascar (coordinated by Walsrode Birdpark), he supervised construction of new aviaries, carried out captive breeding program in the field in remote areas. He became the Curator of Birds for Walsrode Birdpark and was responsible for record-keeping, husbandry and animal acquisitions and dispositions of the collection of more than 4000 birds in 650 different species. When he was the Zoological Director of Walsrode Birdpark,  he was responsible for budgeting, collection planning, staff management of 40 persons team, coordination of research and conservation projects and coordination of veterinary management. He has carried out daily supervision of husbandry, review husbandry, enrichment, transportation, collection planning and life support of entire live collection including a very large Parrot collection, Marine mammals, Apes, large Cats, Artic Penguins, Reptiles and Fish when he worked as the General curator for Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundacion in Spain.

Public and Community Experience

Chair of EAZA Parrot Taxon Advisory Group

Member of EAZA Passerine TAG – TASA Working Group

Various monitoring and advising tasks for different EAZA BirdTAGs

Chair of World Pheasant Association, Germany

Member of Galliformes Specialist Group, IUCN Species Survival Commission

Member of Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group, IUCN Species Survival Commission

Vice President of Avicultural Society

Member of Western Hazel Grouse Taskforce

Member of IOU Working Group on Psittaciformes

Member of APCB International Advisory Board in Bali Myna Conservation

Project coordinator of SAVE MAGIAO

Advisor on birds, KASI Foundation

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