8 May 2019 Game Theory for Decision-Making

Date of Course  8 May 2019


 The Workshop provides one-day training on Game Theory and the key objective is to enable participants to understand how to use Game Theory to enhance their problem solving and decision-making skills in complex and interactive environments. To maximize participants’ benefits from such an intensive workshop, the Workshop uses concrete applications to introduce Game Theory. After introducing Game Theory with specific applications, the Workshop shows Game Theory in its general form and illustrates how to use it with more applications. Understanding Game Theory in its general form is the key to apply Game Theory in a complex world.


•    To enhance participants’ ability to think strategically in complex and interactive


•    To enable participants to understand how to use Game Theory to enhance their problem

solving and decision-making skills in a complex world

•    To offer a novel perspective to participants to find rational and optimal solutions to

situations  of conflicts and cooperation


•                What are the characteristics of a good and bad decision maker?

•                What is normally involved in decision making process?

•                Understanding of Game Theory and Nash Equilibrium in decision making

•                How to choose between a set of options where each has its own advan­tages and


•                How to analyze the impact of your actions?

•                How to apply Game Theory to make rational and optimal decision?

•                Application of Game Theory in real life decision-making


Dr. Stephen Ching is an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong and a visiting professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. His areas of specialization are Game Theory, Mechanism Design, and Industrial Organization. He has made fundamental contributions to the characterization of the uniform rule. The uniform rule has been adopted as the allocation mechanism by the Hong Kong Government to allocate oversubscribed iBonds and Silver Bonds since the inception of the first iBond series in 2011.

He has been appointed by the Hong Kong Government to serve on committees and panels of the Hong Kong Housing Authority, Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

As a Faculty Outstanding Teacher Awards holder, he was invited to be a founding member of the newly established Faculty Mentorship Scheme for young colleagues.

 For more details, please send an email to event@lns.com.hk

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